12+ Best Tips to Live It Up With Mom Time Out

You run yourself ragged every damn day doing everything for everybody but nothing for yourself! Don’t you think your due for a little mom time?

If your ready, here are some ideas of things you can do to get out of that house and finally do something for you. Don’t you think you deserve it? Ok, let’s get this thing poppin!

1. Get a Mani Pedi

Drop in your favorite spot and get your hands and feet done. Then get them painted pretty. I swear by gel nail polish, it lasts longer, has a fresher look and saves you money in the long run as regular nail polish starts chipping away just a few days, gel nail gel polish will last you 2 weeks!

  2.   Get Your Hair Done

Try something new or freshen up your favorite style. Streak it or get highlights, its a fab summer look.

 3.   Have a Girl Meet Up

Get up with your girls for a drink or just to catch up. It doesn’t have to be much, just sitting and reminiscing about old times or whats happening now can create new memories. Even though its mom time out and If you both have kids, you can take the time to share your parenting adventures.

 4.  Take your mom out

 You mom deserves mom time out to. Although you are an adult now and have a family of your own, your mom was once in your shoes. Take her to her favorite lunch spot or maybe she could use a mani pedi or message. Show her you appreciate the women she is.

 5.  Get a message

Don’t forget to get the hot rocks they feel so damn good. you may want to seek out the different message types based on your needs. (maybe even sneak in a facial)

 6.   Go to a matinee

  You can save money if you pack your own snacks (shhhhh, I won’t tell) I do it all the time.

 7.  Learn something new

  Take a self defense class, you never know when you might need it. 

8.  Be creative

Create beautiful wall art, flyers, invitations any kind of printables you wish with canva. With canva you can create beautiful designs, there platform is super easy to use and it’s very affordable!

 9.  Be lazy

Lay in bed and watch your favorite movie. Sister Act and Home Alone are a few of my all time favorites, ill always love them. Or just take a nap.

10.  Go shopping

It’s always a joy when you treat yourself to something new (I’m a total sales shopper) You can visit your favorite boutique or go online shopping, 

11.  Volunteer

Ok I know this sounds like work but if you enjoy those cute fuzzy friends at your local spca, I’m sure they’d love to have you.

12.  Go for a drive

Just ride and free your mind. Pump up your music and just ride.

13.  Go for a swim

Put on that sexy swimsuit and go for a swim or just sunbathe.  (don’t forget your sunscreen)

14.  Spend the day with your hubby

I know this is supposed to be mom time but how often do you get alone time with your spouse? Lay up, go out for a meal or cuddle in bed.

15. Start a mom blog

 If you have unique experiences to share with other moms then starting a blog is a great way to do it! You can blog as a hobby or to make extra money while your home with your kids

16.  Pull Out The Photo album

Reminiscing brings back memories from your childhood or even of your kids when they were babies. Pull out some old photos or start a photo album so you can begin capturing all those precious memories of your little ones.

17.  Catch Up On The Soaps

Im guilty, I love the Young and the Restless and the Bold and the Beautiful

18.  Take a paint and sip class

You will have a ball sipping your wine while following your instructors strokes.

19.  Plant a Garden

If your outdoorsy then plant a garden. Flower or vegetable gardens are both good choices this time of year 

20.  Make a video on musical.ly

I know I know most adults probably don’t get into this sort of thing but it can be fun, give it a try (its funny when you play back and see what you look and sound like)

21. Read a good book

There’s nothing like a good book! My favorite right now is stress management decoded by Sue Dunlevie, it helped me through some tough times. The meditation practice worked wonders for me.

Mama, during your time you need to do what makes you feel good, what makes you happy! Often times we overlook ourselves being everything for everybody and are never fulfilled doing something we enjoy for ourselves. So, What’s your favorite thing to do for mom time out and if you haven’t had the chance yet, what would you like to do?

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