About Me

Hi I’m Tarah!

When I  first became a stay at home mamma, I loved the idea, but little to my surprise did I realize how chaotic it really would be.  I had good days and I had days when I felt like I had lost all control, I was drowning in overwhelm and no longer had an identity!

 I was a dedicated housewife and mamma, my everyday consisted of taking care of my children, husband and household! But deep down inside I knew I desired more, I needed to do something for me as Id lost my identity as a woman!

I was physically drained from running a household with no solid processes, and emotionally drained because I had no time for me, nothing to separate the woman I was and my capabilities from what I did each day.

I love my family and all but it makes you feel something different when you are dependent on someone for your everything. We are individuals aside from being a mamma and wife don’t you think?

This is exactly why I decided to start mom strides. I want  to give you mamma the help you need to up your game and feel good as the woman you are, tips to run a smoother household with less frustration and resources to help you make some mamma money so you can claim back your independence as a woman. (no offense to all the hubby’s)

You ready to take those strides mamma? I promise you wont regret it! I know I don’t.