The Beginners Guide To Blogging

Tips: This will become one of your pillar posts. You’ll refer to this super informative post often. At a high level, this post will cover all the basic questions someone has about your niche. As you write more articles, you should come update this post and link to the more detailed posts.

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Example: For example, you may be writing the “Beginner’s Guide to Mom Fitness.” One of the top questions may be, “How do I find time to workout?” You can give a few quick tips in this guide, but later, when you write another post about “The 11 Ways to Make Time for Working Out as a Busy Mom” you can update your Beginner’s Guide and link to the “11 ways” post.

The Beginners Guide To Blogging

Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and expertise on a topic. Sharing and teaching what you know can help add an additional income to your family. Many families live off of a single income, one parent works outside of the home and the other stays home with the kids. This cuts cost of travel, daycare and having the time to manage the home. Many stay at home moms turn to blogging to have the freedom to stay home with there kids while adding more income to there household .

For the past 3 years I’ve followed, studied and learned from the top bloggers. I invested in and studied ebooks, completed courses and even 1 on 1 coaching to get to where I am today. I had many sleepless nights and before dawn mornings so I could learn and implement everything I could about blogging so I to could help add to the financial security of my family.

What is Blogging?

  • Sharing your expertise on a topic

Are you an at home mommy with tiny tots? Well then i’m most certain at some point you have had to organize age appropriate activities, prepare kid friendly meals, conquer naps and a hole lot more. What did you have to do to conquer the overwhelm of parenting and running a household all at the same time? What were your struggles? What were your strengths? Did you create a daily to do list or an entire home scheduling routine? Whatever it is you did to conquer the overwhelm, your experience can help other stay at home moms in the same boat.

  • Teaching what you know

Many can benefit from your knowledge and expertise. What have you been told you were good at? How do you help others? What do you absolutely love teaching others about? Blogging can be a wonderful way to showcase your knowledge on a particular topic you just may be an expert in. Others can benefit from your knowledge, talents and experiences.

  • Connecting with others with the same interests

You make so many connections in the blogging world. Most search for blogs that have a common interest as themselves. If you want to learn about parenting toddlers, you might search for blogs offering tips and tricks to raising toddlers. You can connect on so many levels and learn so much from others who have a common interest.

  • Common Misconceptions about Blogging

How to get started with blogging

Tips for Success in [niche] <H2 Heading>

  • How can you be successful in this niche.

Common Questions/FAQ About [niche] <H2 Heading>

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  • Question 5 <H3 Heading>
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