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Stay at home mom life is very rewarding. You have the opportunity to be your child’s first influence, watch them grow and you don’t have the worries of someone else having to fill your mama role. On the other hand, being a stay at home mom can  make you feel like you are losing your sanity, I’ve been there too.

I’m a stay at home mom to 11(all different ages and stages) beautiful children for 10 years now. God has blessed me with a loving and supportive husband that has allowed me the chance to stay home with our children.

My mama role is rewarding because I’ve always wanted to be able to stay home with my kids but never did I imagine how hard being a full time stay at home mom could be.I never liked the idea of sending my kids to a sitter after a long day at work to come home to the chaotic tidying, laundry, dinner, baths and bed to get up and do it all over again.

I’ve have good days and I’ve had days where I’ve felt like I’d lost my sanity and identity as a woman. But staying home with my kids was still the best decision I’ve ever made. Once I reshaped myself and how I operated, I was able to take back control of my home and myself. I regained my sanity and identity as a woman, wife and mama.


Being a stay at home mom is getting your kids up and out for school each day on time when you dont feel like it ,(if they’re at school age) doing piles of dirty laundry, preparing meals, running errands, naps and everything in between all while keeping your sanity being home with the kids.  

Common Misconceptions About Stay At Home Mom Life

  • You sit around and drink coffee all day
  • You don’t need a break
  • You don’t want a career
  • You don’t care about how you look
  • Your house should always be clean
  • You should have everything under control, because you are a mom


As a stay at home mom, you are always busy, you do need a break , you do want a career and no you don’t always have it all together!

Being a mom is a job all in itself. You don’t get paid to do what you do. Oftentimes you don’t even  have time to care for yourself as women, and lose sight as to who you are besides being a mom. The great thing is you can be a successful stay at home mom all while taking control of your home life and identity as a woman all ar the same time.

How To Get Started Being A Successful Stay At Home Mom

Being a successful stay at home mom can be very challenging, it seems like you get hit in every way every day with something that just drives you nuts. For me it was always something that was added into my day around what I was already doing.

Taking small steps in one area each day will help you schedule your time, plan your day, tend to errands, take care of you and your children without you feeling like you have lost all control. Here are some sanity saving tips that you can begin today that will help you take back control.

6 Tips For Stay At Home Mom Success

  • Self Care

Always take time for you, you’ll feel a whole lot better, you are worth it. I live by the motto that you can’t take care of anyone else if you can’t take care of you! Do your hair, makeup and anything else that makes you feel good as a woman before you begin your day.

  • Schedule Time

Creating a simple daily schedule allows you to see what needs to be done and in what order, eliminating some of the chaos. Creating a simple daily chart or to do list helps keep more order within a busy household.

  • Meditate

Meditating allows you to get in touch on a spiritual level to help you as a guide. Whatever you want or need, all you have to do is talk to your higher power as you would your best friend.

  • Meal Plan

Meals should be thought out before they actually get prepared. I love my air fryer oven, it saves a ton of time and makes for a good healthy family meal. All you have to do is add your favorite ingredients and it’s all done for you with little effort.

  • Ask For Mama Time

Ok I totally get that you don’t feel you should have to ask to have time for yourself after being home with the kids all day, tidying house and whatever else may have been thrown in your day. Mama, daddy may have a thousand things on his mind and may be tired from a hard day at work, and just maybe he doesn’t mean to seem as if you don’t need a moment. Just ask for help! Your hubby will appreciate it more if you ask for his help rather than ranting and raving about how chaotic your day was and how selfish he is not being attentive to your needs.  

  • Plan Activities For Your Kids

It’s hard to be home all day with no schedule and the kids tearing down the house like they’ve had sugar shot right through there veins. Claim your sanity by arranging age appropriate activities and independent play to calm down the chaos. Dolls,dress up, floor puzzles and blocks are good independent play activities for toddlers.Coloring and painting pages, educational worksheets and simple matching games are always a winner for kids a bit older. Encourage your kids to use their creativity.

   FAQs About Being A Stay At Home Mom

  1. What does it mean to be a stay at home mom?

Being a stay at home mom means being home for your kids. It means teaching, loving and watching your kids grow up being there first influence and not sending them to daycare while you bust your butt at a 9-5 to come home and bust your butt some more and get up and do it all over again the next day!

2.   How do I get my home under control with the kids home to?

Mama, you have to schedule your time. and plan. It is so possible to run your household with your little ones running all day with you, you just need a simple schedule that you can stick to each day.

3.  My laundry is aways piling up, how do I keep it down?

 Laundry was always one of my weak points until I developed a solid system.Start out by putting in a load at night before bed and if time permits toss them in the dryer.  In the morning, wash another load and fold whats dry from the previous night. See the trend?

4.  How do I cook family friendly meals in less time, cooking takes a chunk out of my day?

I so get you! My family loves good food and I love to cook most of the time although it

Can be time consuming. Plan your meals. (I learned this from husband) Take out the frozen meat the night before and you can have your dinner finished before noon.

5.  What can I do with my toddler besides let them sit and watch their favorite cartoon and run around the house?

Plan age specific activities. Allow your child to engage in independent play that also educates and you can do what you need to do. Floor puzzles and building blocks, may seem old school but kids love them. My kids loved the touch and learn activity desks as they have a lot of activities all in one. Kids love sounds, colors, stories and pushing buttons. It may be a toy to them but they are learning all at the same time.  

6.  Stay at home mom life is hard.  How can I get the motivation I need to keep going and fight for my sanity while taking care of my kids?

 I started by jotting down  all of the things that needed to change to help my home run more smoothly, and therefore allow mama to have her sanity and identity back. I  worked on each of them one at a time. (meal planning, laundry, activities and mama time.) Change doesn’t happen overnight but if you are consistent and serious, the change will happen.

Let’s Recap

I’ve laid out a beginning foundation for you to get started with taking back control of stay at home mom life. It’s not impossible to regain the control you need, but it will take some work on your part.

You can begin to reshape stay at home mom life, regaining your sanity and  operating a smooth household by simply jotting down the areas you need to work on most. Then begin working on 1 area at a time.

Remember no matter what comes your way, take time for you, because you deserve it!

I hope this helps in getting you off on the right foot to stay at home mom life and regaining your sanity and identity as a woman.

What areas are you struggling with the most in your journey as a stay at home mom?  Feel free to share this post with other stay at home moms, leave a comment and subscribe so you’ll be notified with new posts.

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